The MacOS Marketing team is running out of cool animals!

Posted: 30th January 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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After using up Cheetah , Puma , Jaguar , Panther, Tiger ,Leopard , Snow Leopard and Lion and having reached the king of the jungle ( the lion ) the MacOS marketing team has recently run out of cool animals for their Operating System.

Since an Operating System without a big number and a cool and fearsome animal will be a commercial catastrophe , especially for the trendy target group of Mac users and to prevent sales from flopping , a new line up of mythical/extinct animals ranging from dinosaurs and dragons to the flying spaghetti monster and the yeti is scheduled for usage from the next version forward.

The new  cool MacOS animals used for marketing purposes after they run out of Felidae

On other news and this time concerning Internet browsers such as Google Chrome , Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox .. After starting the incrementations of the major version number on their browsers , and again for retarded reasons such as marketing (a known law in computer science [besides Turing's , Moore's and Murphy's laws] is that code quality can be directly computed by the source code version number) the next step is using complex numbers like Chrome 18+5i , scientific notation like 133.141600E+000 and Roman numerals such as MCMXC

At the time Chrome 16.0.912.77
Internet Explorer 10
Firefox 10.0 Beta 6

are expected to become

Chrome 1824^24.14531.2342.23442
Internet Explorer VX.X.X.XIIIVI
Firefox 133.141600E+000

until mid-2013

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