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As I’ve mentioned before , one of the original goals of AmmarServer was getting rid of my current web server and replacing it with a Raspberry Pi. As one can easily notice this site is based on wordpress ( one thing that is a little harder to notice is that it is hosted in a [...]

ETags 304 Not Modified and 200 OK headers..!

Posted: 17th October 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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For the last couple of days I have been implementing ETags on AmmarServer which seem to be a nice way for cache handshaking ( and work very well with my internal server side caching mechanism ) .. To profile my server’s behaviour I am using chromium and the very handy Developer Tools that come integrated [...]

Testing the raspberry pi as a webserver!

Posted: 25th September 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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My friend Philimon lent me his new raspberry pi after experiencing problems using the usb ports on the board.. After a little tinkering I found out that using a usb hub with an external power supply solved the issues and everything worked fine so his problems must have been power related with the pi not [...]