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Posted: 1st February 2011 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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I bought a mobile phone before entering military service so that I can surf the web while on the move..! The phone I bought is marketed in Greece as “Vodafone joy 845″ and in reality it is made by a Chineese company called HUAWEI . It was the cheapest smartphone available priced at only 109 euros and it is really worth its money..! :) I knew that this company made DSLAM modems for the Greek National Phone Company ( OTE ) so the quality of the fabrication would be good enough so that it would last at least the 9 months at the military..
Not only does it work flawlessly for the third month ( at the time of writing ) but in fact I am so pleased by it , that it deserves to be mentioned here in my blog..! :)

Among the cool things you can do with it ( using the correct software , of course you can do them with any android enabled phone ) is
* Use it as a Wifi access point/gateway that enables any wifi enabled pc/device to connect to the internet through GPRS/HDSPA
* Use it as an IP Camera ( Wifi IP :P )
* Use it as a GPS Navigator / Compass / GPS Beacon over Internet ( i.e. Google Latitude )
* Use it as a Skype phone

and as a PDF Reader / Wifi Scanner / Compass / Calender / SSH Client / IRC Client / WebBrowser / Youtube Viewer / Camera / Mp3 Player / Voice Recorder and much more..!

Google has done an excelent job with the User Interface , the android market and all of the apps are either free and opensource or ad-ware ( mostly games )
There are some privacy concerns regarding the ads , but what the hell.. ;P

My list with the most useful android apps :

Barnacle Wifi Tether ( requires rooting [ super user ] )
ConnectBot ( SSH Client ;) )
AndChat ( IRC Client :) )
ES File Explorer
Fake A Call
Wifi Analyzer
Barcode Scanner
IP Webcam Compat
Advanced Task Killer Free
Sound Meter
Google Goggles
Google Sky Map
Google Translation

Air Horn :P
Motion Fart :P
Beat Droid
My Piano
Solo Lite
Frozen Bubble

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