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Posted: 1st May 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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Last week and after a visit at the National Observatory of Athens( Penteli Mountain ) my <3 girlfriend <3 decided to buy me a new telescope as a present.. :)

Taking a peek at the heavens is extraordinary and I am slowly learning about things that I simply considered as "stars" are in fact planets , their ever changing relative positions and how to navigate the night sky ( with a little help from google sky ) . Although Athens is a highly light polluted area the high quality of the telescope and the recent windy and clear of clouds sky permits clear planet observations.. I haven’t found a way to mount my camera in a good way on top of the telescope and I may order this camera adapter

While unboxing my new telescope , a MEADE DS-2102MAK

The Newall Telescope of the National Observatory

This picture of the moon is taken using a 5MP cell phone camera after carefully aligning it to the telescope viewfinder.. :)
Not bad at all!

Saturn , approximately km away

Observing the moon , image taken with the same cell phone camera :)

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