Analyzing.. Greek Software Companies!

Posted: 28th March 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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The past week I started conducting a survey about Greek Software companies!
Suffice to say , it is not over yet but I have reached some preliminary conclusions about the current situation..!

Parts of the results , so far :

-A trendy ( :P ) company name generation tool for a potential new software company

-A list of the 267 “best” greek companies ( their websites ) , along with what each of them has to offer as a service ( generated using WebSniper )

-The realization that 3 ERP/CRM product families , namely SAP , SoftOne and Singular Galaxy are basically dominating the market and many smaller companies just use them instead of developing an in house solution ( which makes sense ).
The fact that software solutions are VERY expensive (for example SAP offers a ERP/CRM “entry-level” package for 41.000 euro ) and all of the other popular solutions have similar pricing with large profit margins. These large profit margins might also explain why almost all of the major companies are Microsoft partners ( this of course is bad for them and their clients ,but on the other hand what difference do 100 euro annually make in a 41000 euro transaction )

An opensource ERP/CRM program would really be a killer app ,and from a small search there seems to be one which is called openTAPS and another one which is called OpenERP , both licensed with AGPL I wonder what the impact will be when these projects along with OpenCart and others will be “discovered” in Greece! :)
Beetech is the “only?” company offering OpenERP right now..

-Despite the many Microsoft Gold partners etc. , Microsoft Dynamics CRM was only offered by one vendor

-From what I’ve searched there doesn’t seem to be a big piracy problem with Greek software ( In contrast to SAP for example )

-Most of the products sold , offer different versions of the product with arbitrary limits to be able to appeal to every possible client purchasing power. While I find this reasonable when you let’s say buy a house with or without a pool ( which implies many man-hours to build the thing ) , on software flipping a variable according to a license key for the same binaries , seems like a shitty thing to do.
If someone built me a house with a pool and then because I didn’t pay them for the “Deluxe house packet” covered it with concrete , it would be crazy.. :P

-Android/Mobile development seems to be pretty popular..!

-E-Goverment projects also seem to be very popular..!

-There seems to be a big demand for SMS gateways , Radio programs , Video Club management programs. I guess in a few years ( i.e. when netflix comes to Greece :P ) these will gradually die out..

-The stock price for most of the technology companies that are in the stock market is very cheap , but very few of them have a good prospect in my opinion.. Most of the really big companies are dinosaurs , and sooner or later their clients will find a cheaper and more agile alternative..

-There are , of course , many more companies which focus on websites / hosting / e-communities / advertising etc. BUT this list mainly focuses on business programs/software ( websites are software , I know , but not the kind of software I am discussing here.. )

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