Watching game playthroughs/walkthroughs as movies..

Posted: 14th March 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post

In hindsight my Nintendo Gameboy and my first computer (1995) were a pivot point in my life and since then computer games have undoubtedly become my favourite entertainment medium. Great games made over 16 years ago still pop up in my mind as pleasant memories now and then , more vivid than books or movies..! Although I have a big collection of games with their original casing , manuals etc the architecture of modern PCs has changed dramatically along with Operating systems , libraries and peripherals. Needless to say although there are many projects such as wine , dosbox , scummvm , emulators etc created to solve this compatability mess ( and I use all of them more or less xD ) it is very difficult , let alone time consuming to setup each game and play it from start to finish..

Lately I’ve found an alternative , instead of actually playing the game , watching it as a movie , through playthroughs and walkthroughs on youtube..

Great games such as Metal Gear Solid , Sanitarium , Broken Sword 1 , Broken Sword 2 , Atlantis The Lost Tales , Fallout 1 , Fallout 2 and many others can be found one click away , on the internet. I usually open them as an always on top window while I code combining business and pleasure ;p ..

For those who erroneously think about Pacman or Tetris ( or Angry Birds ;P ) when they hear the phrase “computer game” ( and a lot of people do ) , this is a clip from Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear 2 a good indicator of what “real” computer games look and feel like.. :)

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