Flashy Slideshow for Linux :) !

Posted: 27th January 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post

In the last days I resurrected one of my older projects ( A project started at 2010 :P ) , FlashySlideshows..!

It is an album/slideshow/picture viewer based on OpenGL..
While there are picture viewers that can perform slideshows , I don’t think there is any other Linux program available at this time that has this kind of functionality ( zoom , ken burns effects , face detection , joystick input etc.) so when I will finish with it I believe that many people will find it useful.

There are many core features missing but it “works” and you can download it from here
I am planning to add a lot of things in the near future such as a plugin system for many different effects , particles and reflections , loadable shaders for “picture effects” , background music playlists and more..
I guess that it could even be used on presentations by exporting a presentation in PNG format ( libre office can do that ) and then using FlashySlideshows as the renderer..

This is the source code repository

I have included some scripts that automate the installation/compilation/etc
./apt-get-dependencies , apt-gets the libraries that are needed for compilation..
./make , compiles the project
./FlashySlideShowStarterApp , opens the GUI for picking a directory and starting the viewer
./install.sh , installs it into the system
./uninstall.sh , uninstalls it! :)

A similar program is the picture sideshow program on the PS3 , though it has an awful framerate and limited effects ( and I don’t like the PS3 :P ) so I am making one for my PC.. :P

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