Key people and special interest groups

Posted: 25th November 2011 by Ammar Qammaz in Post

Seeing the news about Greece and neighboring European countries ( such as Italy ) I can`t help but notice the fact that a few thousand men and their thoughts and actions determine the fates of millions more. While most people think that what people with power do is ultimately done for the general good , media coverage ( the source that gives people this picture ) is very one sided and thus public opinion can be completely manipulated , whatever the truth is.. It is kind of fun , because if you monitor the news most of the times you can find out what will happen before it does from the way it is presented.

The truth , as I see it is that the last generations of men have been bred in a way that gave them a false , grand idea about themselves , a sort of massive Dunning Kruger effect , in order to make them consume more and therefore be “productive” members of society.

The problem with this dumbing down of the commons is that as the new generation general population enters the decision making groups ( in the military , corporate and political stage ) they do not have the required skills for the complex tasks required and therefore do mostly harm and no good. A movie called idiocracy plays with an over dramatization of this phenomenon.. Politicians that are the most obvious example use more and more the skills of actors , lawyers and economists instead of the problem solving skills of engineers , mathematicians ,computer scientists or political philosophers.

An actor , can get into any role and support it giving a consistent outside image. A lawyer when hired can defend a criminal that could , if he signed a different contract , try to put in jail. The fidelity of these people is something that I find puzzling at least and even worse when they do this kind of things dragging 10 million people with them.

No ideologies , ethics and moral principles are thought of or communicated by political and financial leaders , everyone is ultimately only concerned about his/her public image and money.

Financial leaders , which are not elected and have tremendous power instead of acting like philosophers and recognizing their place in the game , act as nouveau riche accountants and just try to minimize their financial losses , as if society really benefits when their bank account has more zeros in it.

Special interest groups ( financial , religious , ethnic , philosophic ) I think are very well aware of these things and in the fight among them instead of trying to convince the population as a whole just try to replace the people in power something that for a short term will work ( for them ) just as well.

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