September and October 2011

Posted: 14th October 2011 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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Well , things aren`t going very well in Greece..
Stocks are falling , strikes and riots everyday and a general anxiety and disappointment about where this country is heading. Although I can`t say I belong to a social class directly pressured (yet) by the economic meltdown happening all around ( and if I did I would probably not blog about it ) it is sad to see the pessimism diffused everywhere and especially in everyone aged 23-28 , a generation that has just now reached the point to enter the working force after finishing with the educational cycle of life.
Even if there is unemployment and even if we are the 600euro generation ( a term coined up by Greek media , as it is the average post-reductions monthly wage for most junior positions at Greek companies ) I cant stop but think that I am lucky to be part of it.
People have always had problems and always were tormented , in the past , in the present and will probably continue to do so in the future. But it just isn`t possible for past “primitive” societies to be able to produce men like Plato , Fermat , DaVinci , Kant, Nietzsche and at this day and age with all the wonderful possibilities opened with tools such as the internet to see the public acting so foolishly panicked and such a lack of leadership from the Greek financial and political leaders.
It is this attitude that produces the biggest part of the crisis as members of the Greek community dont trust each other , and don`t even trust themselves.
And its a natural consequence that when people fail to stand up to a crisis as units they will also fail as a group.

This is my first real post , apart for blogs about technical details of work I’ve done and I don`t want to babble a lot.

In a few words I wish that people would realize the possibilities laid before them and grab life by the throat instead of passively whine about it and blame everyone else.

I guess it is a gift most people lack, to be able to see possibility where most people don`t..

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