Replacing my WebServer with the Pi..

Posted: 23rd October 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post

My very own Raspberry Pi just arrived today.. It took almost 10 days to come , but I got the updated 512MB RAM model so , everything went better than expected.. :D .. Now I can finally return the one that I borrowed ( the second one I borrowed :P anyways.. ) ..

Two Raspberry Pi's with modmy pi cases

Today I spent a good part of the day migrating my stuff to the Raspberry..
The SD card I have installed has a total size 4GB so unfortunately not all of my things could fit..!
Also I am very concerned about the memory wear problem so I am thinking of adding a USB hard drive and mounting all of the most active parts of the SD filesystem there ( /var /tmp /home/user/public_html etc.. )

The server that I plan to replace is this ( first time posing for the camera.. )
AmmarServer Mini-ITX Raspberry Pi Vs My current web server box

Its a cabling mess really :) with a case made out of the retail motherboard box..

The raspberry takes much less space and will draw much much less power making this site more eco-friendly :) .. My UPS will also be able to power it up for days in the event of a power failure ..

I also conducted some experiments with wordpress on the raspberry , it performs worse than my current machine but my upload bandwidth is such a big bottleneck that 300ms of delay are barely noticeable ( I tested it from the computers of some of my friends and sometimes it takes almost 20 seconds for it to completely load ) ..

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