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Posted: 5th August 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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AmmarServer is now pretty stable and I am begining to add more interesting functionallity such as request caching etc..

One of the tests that I’ve made is converting this wordpress site into static files using a firefox extension called scrapbook that can save entire web sites many pages deep as files and then using the saved files , serving them with ammarserver :) !

The result is that AmmarServer serving the cached files ( reading them from the disk every time ) is actually serving them twice as fast as when apache + php + wordpress dynamically create most of the content and serve the images etc in the same manner.. I am wondering how much better will I be able to do by caching and not querying the filesystem / hard disk subsystem at all..!

Attached are two screenshots taken using the numion stopwatch tool

AmmarServer running on port 8080 ,serving cached files reading them from disk and scoring 0.838 seconds

Regular apache + php + wordpress running on the site you currently see and scoring 1.888 seconds almost the double time..

These tests were executed on the same machine in a LAN network so no serious network unpredictable latencies exist and we are almost purely CPU bound..

Testing with caching in memory enabled for my site today gives the following times..
Apache + PHP + MySQL + WordPress : 2.323 secs
AmmarServer , cache enabled , first hit serving everything as a file : 1.383
AmmarServer , cache enabled , subsequent hits serving everything from memory : 0.762

using :
time wget
time wget
just for the index.php file of wordpress shows the difference , 0.2s vs 0.004s

Streaming Full-HD content with ammarserver

Streaming fullhd content with AmmarServer

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