A T-ring and a Nikon-D7000 mounted on the telescope

Posted: 3rd May 2012 by Ammar Qammaz in Post
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Today I purchased a T-Adapter made from bresser along with a Nikon adapter for my telescope ( MEADE DS-2102MAK )

The T-Adapter was orignaly meant for the ETX-90/125 but fitted just fine and after some focusing it allowed the camera to produce magnificent quality pictures.. Unfortunately I ran the battery dry after an hour or so while trying different combinations of focusing , ISO settings etc. so I didnt take photos of the moon and other planets I wanted tonight.

The weather also didnt help since there are some scattered clouds that pass and spoil the fun :) ..

I managed to capture a good still of Saturn and I am looking forward to Saturday when the so called “super moon” will be visible ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MPmdJ6mGQ4 )

Saturn using a Nikon-D7000 on a MEADE DS-2102MAK telescope mounted with the Bresser T-adapter for ETX-90/125

The raw picture , 6.6MB ( it will take some time to download )
Exposure time is 1/500 sec , ISO 12800 ( :P )

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