GuarddoG PDF Presentation ( in Greek )

Guarddog is a project that I started in 2008 with the goal of constructing a mobile robotic platform that traverses and guards small indoor spaces.
The means of navigation is via Computer Vision for simultaneous localization and mapping and a matching robotic body to execute the required movements. The implementation has come a long way from a Lego NXT bot with a 1.2 Ghz wireless camera to a fully fledged autonomous system with an onboard computer that can be used with no external supporting computer input.

The blog of the project ( ) logs all the improvements and changes beeing done on the physical platform and the software is commited to a github repository ( ) that is always up to date and in sync with the version running on guarddog.

Due to the complexity and combination of computer science fields involved ( Computer Vision , Natural Language Processing , Artificial Intelligence , Embedded Systems , Robotics [among the most important] ) the project has still not reached maturity and development is continued until an acceptable functionality level is reached..
The final stage will be an almost ready for large scale manufacturing service robot targeted to families and small businesses. Once this goal is reached the platform will be able to be customized for a more diverse range of uses ..

Things GuarddoG can do

Produce 3d depth maps
Guard small indoor spaces
Plan its route on small indoor spaces
Detect and track faces
Talk using festival TTS
Act as an IR remote controller
Act as a wifi hotspot
Act as a wifi client
Control through an HTTP web interface
Control via SMS messages through a GSM modem
Auto update itself using the github repo
Use arbitrary predifined linux scripts ( i.e. bash )

Things that I also want to include in GuarddoG functionality
Auto recharging station
Facebook/Twitter/ etc. social media Integration
Speech - Sound recogntion
Web Radio playback on demand
Face recognition
Object recognition
Coupling with an internet knowledgebase such as OpenMind or wolfram Alpha

The current implementation (12 / 10 /2010) consists of the following materials


2 x Tupper = 5 euro
1 x IKEA Bucket = 15 euro
1 x Wooden Board = 10 euro
1 x Balsa board = 5 euro
2x Supermarket Wheels :P = 5 euro
Nuts , bolts , rails , cables , etc = 20 euro
Total : 60 euro

Embedded Electronics

1x Arduino = 30 euro ( Duemillenove )
3x Infrared Led = 3 euro
1x RD-01 ( or RD-02 Devantech motors ) = 130 euro
2x Desktop Microphones ( GENIUS MIC-01A ) = 5 euro
2x Buttons ( power -on ) = 2 euro
2x Switches ( power supply ) = 2 euro
2x LED HeadLights = 10 euro
2x Ultrasonic Devantech SRF-05 with mounting = 40 euro
1x Dual Axis Accelerometer ( memsic 2125 ) = 30 euro
Total : 252 euro

Computer Hardware

1x Fan = 5 euro
1x Mini-Itx Motherboard = 65-75 euro ( Currently on guarddog Intel D201GLY2 )
1x PicoPSU 90W = 45 euro
1x AC-DC 12 V Converter = 30 euro
2x Webcams ( On guarddog MS VX-6000 ) = 92 euro , LOGITECH C510 HD , PS3 Eyes
1x WIFI PCI card ( WG311T ) = 30 euro
1x USB Flash Drive 8GB + = 20 euro
1x 512-2048MB RAM DIMM ( on guarddog 512MB DDR2 ) = 30 euro
Total : 327 euro

Computer Software

Ubuntu Server = FOSS
RoboVision stack ( ) = FOSS

Total : 639 euro
(!) Without batteries (!)