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Ammar Server is a small , simple , fast and freeware utility that acts as an HTTP 1.1 host running on your computer. It works out of the box , no configurations at all needed. All that you need is an internet connection , download AmmarServer , copy all the files to the directory which you want to make availiable to the Net and that`s it. Ammar Server has been tested and works with Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox , Netscape Navigator , Opera , Konqueror , and embedded browsers ( PS3 , Nokia phones etc. ) . Since version 0.40 a full multithreaded serve mode is supported , and the HTTP methods implemented are GET and HEAD. Other people can view your website by typing on their browser (where is your IP address). It is the perfect way to make your content downloadable and requires no knowledge at all , the memory footprint of the program during normal use is under 2MB . You can also call AmmarServer with the 3 parameters Ammarserver param1 param2 param3 param1= IP address ( for binding everywhere) param2= Outgoing port (80 for HTTP) param3= Silent run or not (if you want silent just write silent) More Updates to come


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